Digitalization of Financial Services

by Andi Anugrah

December 15, 2021 – The increasing number of activities using video conferencing facilities has resulted in the need to interact using video banking. The account opening service has been facilitated with video banking, then there will be many banking interactions that can be done from anywhere. We look forward to his presence.

Traditionally for customers, engagement with banks has been inefficient. To get financial services, generally, it will require several administrations, long queues, and takes time. This inconvenience has been going on for years since the advent of banking. This has also caused banking penetration and banking activity to remain low, with many residents remaining unbanked to date.

Access to low banking services is a combination of strict regulations, limited banking licenses, and customers with minimal experience. On the other hand, the presence of various financial applications is a gap that is used for various financial needs.

However, the banking and financial industry with several strict regulations is now changing and is driven by virtual or digital banking licenses. By utilizing the sophistication of digital technology, internet networks, and mobile applications to facilitate the banking administration process. What is more important is access to a residence number that can be used to validate customer data, making it easier for banks to verify prospective customer data.

The integration of various financial applications makes it easier for customers to manage personal finances, even make transactions and investments. With the presence of an increasingly widespread digital platform, it requires digital support through a contact center. The presence of a contact center with various service media supports these financial services.

It feels like change is accelerating and we are competing to innovate in customer service. If you see the development of the financial business that utilizes the contact center, it is hoped that this will be a positive thing for contact center practitioners.

While drinking coffee or tea in the morning, read my #celotehpagi. We are waiting for what other innovations the digitalization of the financial industry will bring. Stay healthy and energetic in the morning. (AA)