Leaders Talk CC-APAC: Change and Adoption of CRM with The New Wave of CX

Friday, April 22, 2022 – The 14th Leaders Talk CC-APAC hosted by ICCA discussed, “Change and Adoption of CRM” by inviting a professional speaker from technology company. This discussion was presented by Andi Anugrah, Chairman of ICCA Indonesia. The speaker is Yvonne Ng, Founder ANBIZ Sdn Bhd.

Yvonne starts the discussion by explain about CRM. She said that most organizations nowadays, especially in the contact center, typically when they are implemented and set up their contact center, they will have their contact center systems and the other key component is the CRM system. This CRM is the place that we use to register customer information, keeping the history of these is the customer that calls, and the information about the customer inquiries.

Moreover, Yvonne explains that if we look at an old-school approach to CRM, we can see what we do in the contact center and how do CRM and CX become correlate. But before we go into this correlation, it’s always best for us to take one step back and see, what is meaning CX to you and what is meaning CX to me. It is matter because there is a lot has been talked about in the industry today.

When we go into implementations at some of the customer sites, Yvonne said that we notice one of the key foundations in that inflammation framework is an understanding of CX and our company objective. Usually, one of the things when we look at CX strategy, we want to make sure our customer stays with us and the customer buys more from us. Moreover, we have also kept focusing on CX in recent years because we want to use CX to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Yvonne also shared some tips on what leaders need to consider in implementing CRM and CX. First, she said that coaching our team in the direction of changing their mindset, is very important. “That is easier once you’re able to establish that team, then the rest will come in quite easily,” said Yvonne. 

The second tip is don’t take whatever the vendor says. She said that we have to check that vendor out whether do they understand CX or CRM in the first place? If they don’t understand the process, then they don’t understand strategy. The last one is always to continue learning and improving ourselves. (ANF)